Dallas Sniper Training Testimonials

Dallas Sniper Training Testimonials

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Zuolei Liao

Highly recommended! First time to shoot beyond 300 meters, and Remington made it appeared to be very easy. From fundamentals, wind calling and data keeping, the training I received was outstanding. After a few shots I was able to hit 1000 m target cross the canyon constantly. Only wish was I could book longer sessions to further refine my skills.


Remington is a great instructor. He has a DOPE set up that is ready to go! We were ringing steel at 1000yds and getting a good look at reading winds right away. Lots of good info and a fun dude to work on this stuff with! If you got this course in your sights, send it.

Edwin Zhang

I was lucky enough to take a full day class from Remington when he was still in Seattle. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it out to the 1000 yard range due to family commitments, but Remington was happy to provide pistol and rifle training at my local range. My pistol and rifle groupings tightened up significantly, and I've been able to keep them tight by continuing to train according to the pointers that Remington provided (time and ammo constraints notwithstanding). Take his class, you won't be disappointed!

Ky Ngo

I self-taught and took multiple shooting classes over the years, but my full day class with Remington last year truly brought my skill to a different level. Similar like learning language, shooting takes times and practices to improve. However, with the right instructor that is gifted in the art of teaching, the process is faster and more intuitive. Remington is this instructor.

On the class day, he took the time to evaluate areas of strength and weakness of my skillset before helping me rebuilding the foundation from the ground up, from how to handle the firearm, to tweak my posture and to engage different muscle groups to land shot on target consistently. After walking out of his class, my skill is at a different level. To quantify, before his class, I could hit a 10" gong at 10 yard to 30 yards, but with shots landings all over the gong. After spending 300 rounds with Remington, I was consistently hitting pin point same-hole, shot after shot on the gong... that, is something. He also taught me to shoot a target at 970 yard with his rifle.

Can't wait to link up with Remington some times in the future for the rifle class in full kit and his long-distance class. Remington is a very knowledgeable instructor and overall, a solid guy; in another word, he is dope.

Chris Marshall

Remington is an exceptional teacher. I had never shot beyond 200 yards before taking his class and I am very confident in my precision shooting skills. He took me to 1000y even with minimal skill, and an ok rifle.

I will say this too, be HUMBLE about your skill. I thought I was much better than I was and it definitely hindered my performance. Either go in humble or be humbled by the task. I would have had a much easier time learning if I was honest with Remington and myself about my real skill.

If you are honest about your skill level, Remington can give you the tools to be successful. Even if you aren't, Remington can do a lot but it's much easier to be honest.

Again, great teacher. I learned a ton from his class. I would absolutely recommend it to everyone who can take it.


Took a private course with Remington and had an absolute blast.

Learned a great deal about long range shooting and greatly improved my pistol technique.

Come prepared to learn.

Shane Centera

Shane Centera

Spring 2022 - Lake Havasu City, AZ

This school is a must for anyone trying to expand their knowledge and skills in firearms. I have known Remington for many years and consider him a good friend. I am a prior Sergeant for the US Army, and after was both a firearms instructor and S.W.A.T sniper for the La Paz County Sheriffs Office. Any sniper knows that you are constantly learning and improving. Let me say this is the spot to do both. Still to this day I still contact Dallas Sniper Training when trying to figure out new guns, rounds and strategies to improve both my skill and knowledge. This program is well worth every penny and a very fun experience.


First off, Remington knows what the hell he's talking about. I learned more about shooting in the day I spent with him than I have ever. Part of that is obviously the crap training I had before. I have no long-gun experience, so that part was all new. I've had a bunch of hand-gun training, but like 20 years ago. The first interactions were excellent. Professional and to the point. We had a conversation about what I wanted out of the day, and what to expect. Using this training, my 7-yard accuracy with both my 9mm (browning Hi-power) and my .45 (Kimber Classic Royal) went way up. At the end of the day, I was consistently double-tapping on target and with a very small grouping. Using his weapon system, I was able to hit ~1000 yards 4 out of 5 attempts. Dang!

I'm a motorcycle instructor and have been one for 10 years. I'm also an instructor trainer. I know how to work with people in sometimes stressful environments, and how to work on physical and mental skills. Remington did an excellent job of making sure I understood the concepts, letting me work on them, recognizing when I was getting frustrated, and walking me through it. He did a good job of explaining both the mental and the physical aspects. He also recognized when I was getting tired, even when I didn't see it. He controlled the flow of the day very well and adapted to what I was doing on the fly. He also gave me homework and drills to work on at home (hello, snap caps!)

If you're considering it, do it. Highly recommended!


Ben Vinson

Hey Remington, 

I recently took a multiple days shooting and hand-to-hand workshop. 

On the shooting day of the course, all the things you taught me in your class had put me in the top 3 of that group of 20 people- a class where several students were active-duty officers and competitive shooters. Just wanted to reach out and share that I appreciate it man. The basics, foundations, and knowledge of pistol shooting you taught were incredibly great stuff. Your class is still the best. 

Happy New Year! Hope this 2022 has been treating you well and healthy. 


Ben Vinson

Thomas Travis

Thomas Travis

Hey Remington, 

I took your class last summer. I wanted to share some progress. This is a steel target some of my friends and I were shooting at this past weekend. It was about 390 yards out. These were my shots in order. I had a good friend there with a spotting scope telling me when I was hitting. I've been practicing a lot of what you taught me last time we spoke and my progress has really shown because of your help. 

Just wanted to say thanks for humbling me. I'm not by any means amazing, but the fundamentals you taught me have made me a much better shooter. 

- Thomas

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