Long Distance Shooting Instruction in Dallas, Texas

Long Distance Shooting Instruction in Dallas, Texas

Sniper Rifle Shooting in Dallas, Texas

Sniper School for Civilians

As a former U.S. Army Sniper, I can confidently say that long-distance marksmanship isn't just meant for the military. Not only is it a fun skill to pursue, it will also make you a better overall marksman, mental athlete, and person. The skills learned from long-range shooting - patience, focus, mental control, and more - can be carried over into many areas of life.

Long Range Shooting in DFW

Take your shooting to the next level...

This course aims to help push shooters into the next level of shooting. Ironically, we won't start with shooting rifles though. Instead, we will start your training with a pistol - focusing on learning the basics of proper trigger control and overall shooting mechanics that will carry over to any other firearm. Once we have you shooting groupings the size of your thumb nail at 10 yards with a pistol, we will move on to long guns. It won't take long for you to see the fruits of what you learned at the beginning of the day, working your way all the way out to 1,000 yards, where you can expect to be hitting plates by the end of the day.

The smile on people's faces after hearing the "whack!" of their bullet hitting the target at 1,000 yards is what I do this for! If this sounds like something you would like to experience, reach out to me and schedule your private lesson to begin your journey to becoming a better marksman.

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How to shoot 1,000 yards

Hitting gongs at 1,000 yards

Guaranteed Accuracy at 1,000 Yards

$750 Full Day (8-10 hours) Due to very high demand I am raising my prices again. 

Long-distance marksmanship is my bread and butter. In your one-day class, we cover the essentials of what you need to know.

Intro to long-range shooting consists of:

Round Count - 100 rounds

  • Accurate shooting (We will use a pistol to teach you how to shoot accurately. If you can shoot accurately we will skip this step.) 
  • Scope manipulation
    • Mil vs MOA
    • Scope set up and level
    • Shooting positions and techniques
    • using a reticle to make adjustments 
      • using a reticle to measure distance (upon request)
  •  Collect data (aka dope)
    • Elevation 
      • Temp
      • Humidity 
      • Pressure 
      • Density altitude 
      • Building Tables 
      • Common mistakes in recording data and atmospherics 
  •  Wind calls.
    • Speed 
    • Distance
    • Angle 
    • Terrain 
    • Spindrift 
    • Coriolis effect (spin of the earth)
    • When to shot 
    • Vegetation and mirage 
    • You will learn a system that simplifies everything to make wind calls manageable. 
  • Ballistic Calculator (Strelok Pro)
    • How to use it 
    • Common mistakes
    • Garbage in garbage out

Advanced long-range shooting course consists of:

Round Count - 150 rounds

  • 1000-yard Sniper challenge
  • Advanced wind calls
  • Multi-Target engagement (This takes up most of the day)
  • PRS training 
  • Cold boar
  • Anything you may have a particular interest in we can dedicate time to it. 

I guarantee you will successfully engage a 1,000-yard target by the end of the day. If you wish to participate in the training but do not have the necessary equipment, I can lend you my rifle for you to shoot. 

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