Reloading Classes | Custom Hand Loaded Ammo

Reloading Classes | Custom Hand Loaded Ammo

Reloading classes | Custom Hand Loaded Ammo

Reloading classes and Custom hand loaded ammo coming soon. Waiting on FFL Classes will start in the summer. Hopefully as soon as Late April

price 500 

The course will be a two day class to go everything you need to know for handloading. The art of reloading can be very tricky and full of "internet advice" that is worthless. This course will take years of experience with proven methods to ensure your not chasing your tail. There is a massive learning curve to reloading. With the guidance of a professional teacher you will have an incredible shortcut to learning the material, buying the proper equipment the first time, and hit the ground running with confidence. 

We will go over material such as 

  • load development 
  • what works and what is worth doing 
  • safety 
  • equipment
    • what will work for you in your budget 
  • brass prep 
  • components 
Custom Ammo

Custom Ammo and load development process


700 for load development on your rifle and 100 rounds for that rifle

300 for every 100 rounds after

I will be offering custom ammo to bring out the most precision possible from your rifle. I will do all of the load development process from scratch bringing you the best possible ammo. I will also accurize your rifle to the best it can be. I will glass bed every rifle that needs it as well as install any new triggers or components. If we are installing a muzzle break I will take it to a trusted gunsmith. 

There are many problems with using factory ammo. If your a former student of mine you should be knowledgeable of how important lot numbers are. Long story short Factory ammo can have massive differences from lot to lot causing a lot of frustration for a long distance shooter. With custom hand loaded ammo this will ensure you never have to deal with the frustrations of factory ammo again. 

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