Private Firearms Instruction in Dallas

Private Firearms Instruction in Dallas


One-On-One training is simply the best training methodology, no exceptions. I refuse to give anything but the best, so this is the way we will conduct your training time. Every shot you take is an opportunity to learn. For many shooters in America, they will shoot thousands of rounds and slowly learn from the small mistakes they make with each shot. They slowly correct them, breaking old habits and building new ones. The problem here is the time it takes to observe the mistake and correct it. Not just time, but money. Ammunition is not cheap and learning the expensive way is not efficient. This is why you hire a mentor. I will be an unbiased observer with only one goal: noticing the mistakes and helping you correct them. ON AVERAGE, my client who is a novice in their skill level will see their pistol grouping go from five inches to less than one inch at 10 yards. It takes about 9 rounds for most students to achieve this. That’s what effective and high-quality training achieves! Instead of thousands of rounds, you will learn how to actually shoot a gun with less than $5.00 worth of ammo. 

My typical day will look like this. We will start with a pistol with the intent of teaching you how to shoot accurately. This session will last about 3 hours. We then take those learned principles about accuracy and apply them to long-distance shooting. We will then spend the rest of the day shooting long-range where you will learn all of the basics for long-distance shooting and wind calls. NO OTHER PROGRAM IS TEACHING YOU THIS MUCH IN A SINGLE DAY. This is only possible with one-on-one training where with every shot you become incrementally better. 

Pistol/AR - $650 a day. Please see the pistol page for more information.

Long distance- $750 Please see the long distance shooting page for more information.

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