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Hello, my name is Remington. I'm a former US Army sniper who also teaches high school history. I'm combining these two things that I love and created a business with the intent of giving very high-quality training that is focused on the individual. When I say “very high-quality training” I MEAN THE BEST! The core of this business is quality. I will do nothing to cut corners to make an extra buck. As a teacher in public schools, I have more than 25 students in a classroom, and I know firsthand how that can reduce the quality of teaching. If you were to hire me, you actually shouldn’t think of me as a teacher or a coach - I’m your mentor that is focused on your personal growth as an individual.

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Classes for All Weapons & Experience Levels

My courses are designed from the ground up with you in mind. If you are a beginner, then we will start where you are comfortable. If you’re an experienced shooter we will start with whatever you need to improve. In one day, we will make every minute count. There is no waiting on other students, and I will guide you with every shot you take. 

This is what I’m about. My passion for teaching and watching my students grow is what drives me to strive for the best results every time. This is one-on-one training or small goup training with only one goal, making you a more proficient marksman. I guarantee it. 

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Tactical Shooting Instructor in DFW

Tactical Shooting Instructor in DFW

I also offer group tactical firearms courses for beginner-intermediate shooters. This course will teach you all of the fundamental tactical skills from setting up and breaking down your kit, to mental awareness under stress that will ultimately lead to better shooting. We utilize both rifles and pistols to refine your skills, and we guarantee you will leave this course with higher tactical proficiency.

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