Precision Shooting Program for Hunting

Precision Shooting Program for Hunting

Hunter Marksman Basics

great hunter knows how to use their equipment proficiently and sets standards well above the necessary. A good hunter has practiced and knows their limits. A terrible hunter establishes a 100-yard zero and calls it good. 

This course is designed to educate hunters on every bit of knowledge about the rifle they could possibly need for hunting. This course is not an in-depth long-range shooting course designed to teach you to hit 1000-yard vital shots on the regular. This course has a maximum range of 600 yards and teaches hunters how to effectively hit vital-sized targets with confidence regardless of equipment.

Hunting Course Outline

  • The course will start with accuracy training. Way too many hunters have had missed or bad shots on an animal leading to an unethical kill. The training day will start with pistol training to teach the fundamental principles of shooting at a precision level. We will then take those learned principles and apply them to rifle shooting. Pistol training is very effective and economical for teaching these fundamental principles. 
  • Zero rifles 
    • Setting up a proper rifle 
    • Building an effective shooting position 
    • Basic rifle fundamentals 
  • Discussion on long-distance shooting 
    • Collecting data
    • What is possible with each caliber 
    • How to manipulate the scope 
    • Reading wind 
  • Engage targets out to 600 yards to collect data 
  • Positional shooting 
    • How to quickly be prepared for any shot you may encounter in the heat of the moment 
    • Shooting off a bag, tripod, tree, fence post, monopod, etc... 
  • Mental preparation for the hunt 
    • Don't blow your big chance because you were freaking out

Cost = $250 

(This class is in a group setting)


  • Rifle round count - 80 
  • Pistol round count - 100

Equipment needed:

  1. Any center-fire rifle and scope will do
  2. Pistol with holster 
  3. Ammo
  4. Bipod or shooting bags 
  5. Pen and paper 
  6. Ballistic calculator ( I use Strelok Pro)
This is not a hunter safety or strategy course. This is a marksman development course focused on the marksmanship needs of hunters. 

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