Pistol Training in Dallas - Fundamental Shooting Lessons

Pistol Training in Dallas - Fundamental Shooting Lessons


Pistol training is my preferred tool to teach students how to shoot accurately. Being significantly less expensive and providing instant feedback we can learn the basics very quickly and efficiently. In the course of one day, we typically cover shooting with accuracy, followed by shooting with speed, and target Acquisition. This is what I call the three fundamentals of shooting a pistol. Accuracy, Speed, and Target Acquisition. 

Cost $650

Outline of course

round count- 300

  • Trigger control
    • we start with precision trigger control 
  • Grip
    • common mistakes 
    • arm tension 
    • pressure 
  • Body position 
    • hips! 
    • good posture
  • Recoil control
    • putting the whole system together
  • Speed shooting 
    • Basics
  • Target transition 
    • see and move quicker
  • Mental training (I have a background in psychology and sports psychology)
    • don't skip steps 
    • practice correctly
    • calm under pressure. 


  • Draw 
  • Concealed carry ( I do not offer licensing. ) 

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